Driving lessons

Driving lesson #20

This lesson was a lot better than last week – I didn’t have as much trouble taking off uphill, only stalled once – and recovered well – and generally did ok. My instructor said I did a few things perfectly, which is a great way to make me feel more confident. 

We did lots of practice round the Queen’s roundabout, we did each of the manoeuvres and an emergency stop. 

I feel much better about roundabouts now, and I hope not to have a problem with them on my test this time.

It is still a bit complicated getting out of the house – the husband had to come home and look after the kids, I had to give my son his lunch, and feed the baby just before my lesson, though luckily she slept through while I was gone, and the toddler was still napping when I got home. My test is in the morning so hope it will all go smoothly again. We are going to get a bottle of formula in, just in case. 


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