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Driving lesson #17 – 32 weeks

Today was good! I do prefer driving in the daytime, though there is a lot more traffic around in the afternoon, and we hit the school run at the end. But this is good practice, as I think I will be driving more in rush hour/daytime than at night.
I managed the hill start from outside my house on first attempt – which was a good job as my instructor had parked very close to the drop into my neighbours garden!
We started with some independent driving, which went well, I did my first bit of overtaking, which wasn’t excellent – the first time I moved back left too soon, but I got better at it, and he explained afterwards what I should have done, Dual carriageways are fine now. We did bay parking, since I was so rubbish at it last week – it turns out it is much easier in daylight, even though I forgot to put my mirrors down, and there were two other lots of learner drivers in the car park to put me off. I did it once to the left and once to the right, no trouble either time. On the way out of the single lane road we came across a lorry, so I had to reverse into a passing spot – apparently I did that very well 🙂
Then we did other manoeuvres – the turn in the road was easy as usual, reversing round a corner my first go wasn’t good, I didn’t see a car and got too close to the kerb. I Did better on the next two attempts. Parallel parking was fine.
General driving went ok, we came upon some roadworks which weren’t well signed so that was a bit of a challenge, generally I did ok with roundabouts and all the everyday stuff.
At the end my instructor said he thought two more lessons should be fine before my test, and I hardly made any mistakes today, so that was nice. Next week we are doing the show me tell me questions, so I will have to read up on them in my book beforehand.

I’ve still got a couple of centimetres of space between bump and wheel – lucky the wheel adjusts! I should be ok for the test, but I can always not move the seat up so much, I think. My new shoes were fine, much better grip than my old ones, and only felt a little different on the pedals. I am feeling quite positive today. Definitely having an issue with needing to pee though – I will have to make sure I go at the test centre before my test!


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