Driving lessons · Pregnancy

Driving lesson #16 – 31 weeks

I was feeling very nervous before this lesson. Messing up the hill start at the beginning didn’t really help matters.
I had a slight panic I couldn’t fit in as the wheel was brushing my bump as I drove, my instructor pointed out I could adjust the steering wheel a bit more, so that made enough space. I do hope it is enough – there are only a few centimetres of gap!
We did various manoeuvres – I completely messed up bay parking three times, then we agreed to give up for the night, as I wasn’t getting anywhere. The other manoeuvres went ok, I can do turn in the road and parallel park with no problems now, a bit shakier with reversing round a corner – it depends a bit on the corner!
We did two emergency stops, I remembered to put the handbrake on both times, the first time I forgot to put it in neutral, and didn’t do all my observations before moving off. I am quite happy doing those though, and glad being pregnant doesn’t impede them in any way.
I got tricked twice by a hotel, which has two lights outside, so it looks like a car when you come out of a junction! That’s just mean. I did much better at driving in the dark today, though I still prefer daylight. We did use the dark though, and went through all the different lights and checking them.
Overall the lesson wasn’t too bad, especially since it was two weeks since my last one, though I am very aware there’s only three weeks until my test now!


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