Driving lessons · Pregnancy

Driving lesson #15 – 29 weeks

Independent driving went ok, apart from difficulty seeing signs due to trees. It was odd to start, as we were going somewhere I know how to get to, having been driven that way a lot, but it felt strange doing it myself.
I didn’t like driving in the dark, I had trouble judging distances, and apparently kept getting too close to parked cars. Also I apparently drove over a hashed area at a mini roundabout. Oops.
Did ok on the manoeuvres (all four of them). Did three bay parks, reversed around a corner, did a tight three point turn, and a parallel park. My left foot is achy, too much clutch work, no wonder I had a couple of clutch control issues.
There is definitely getting less gap between bump and wheel now. Really hoping I can make it to the test.
No lesson next week, as instructor is on holiday. So only four lessons left if I stick to one a week(!) He suggested I try to get some time off so I can do a lesson in the afternoon, so it is not all night time (though I clearly need more practice at that).
Feeling exhausted, been a long day.


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