Driving lessons · Pregnancy

Driving lesson #14 – 28 weeks

There doesn’t seem to be very much space between my bump and the steering wheel suddenly!
We did more bay parking, I practiced doing it to the left, as I find it harder. It was odd as there was another learner and instructor in the carpark – looked like they were doing the show me tell me questions – and I felt a bit self conscious.
I also did a parallel park, which went ok, a reverse round a corner, where I got a bit close to the kerb.

I got told off for not looking to the left when emerging left at a junction, or at least not until after I started turning, so I have got to be more careful with that – he pointed out that while I might usually get away with it, one day I might not, and I might have the children in the car – I thought that was a bit much to say to a pregnant woman (who always has a baby in the car at the moment anyway!)

I did two lots of independent driving, ten minutes doesn’t feel very long at all, though it would be much easier to follow signs if there weren’t trees in front of them. I am hoping that on my test they let me do it by following signs, I’ve seen on websites that sometimes they do it by diagram, which I’ll be rubbish at!

Generally the lesson went ok, but I’m starting to wish I could hurry up and do my test – there are only six more weeks to go, but it is dragging, I am bored of driving round and round the same few roads in the same town, and I am definitely worrying I won’t fit behind the wheel by then. My instructor said I did well and that I am improving which is good – I’d be annoyed if I wasn’t!


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