Driving lessons · Pregnancy

Driving lesson #12 – 26 weeks

Emergency stops, it turns out, are not an issue. They are a bit scary, especially the first time, as it is so sudden (which I suppose is the point). The second time was scary too as I triggered the ABS, which was very noisy. The third time I managed to remember to put the handbrake on straight after stopping, so that was better.

I was a bit worried, as I’ve read that people don’t want to do them when pregnant, but it was fine. In fact, probably better than being a passenger during a sudden stop, as you know it is coming (since you’re doing it) and are braced – you are pushing your feet forward, so no pressure from the seatbelt at all. It has definitely made me much more relaxed about the idea of having to do one while pregnant.

Otherwise everything went well, apart from I was dying for a wee by the time the lesson was over – two hours is a long time when you’re pregnant.


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