Driving lessons · Pregnancy

Driving lesson #10 – 24 weeks

So it turns out parallel parking is much easier than I remembered it being. I used to be petrified I was going to hit the other car (especially when I had to do it with a brand new BMW once!) My instructor got me to explain how I used to do it, which was mostly correct, though he doesn’t use a sticker to line things up (as my previous instructor had), he just uses parts of the car – so reverse until the back (or front) of the car you are parking behind lines up with the vertical frame in the back window, then full lock left until the back door handle touches the kerb, then straight until the front door handle touches the kerb, then full lock right until you’re straight, then straighten the wheel. I had a slight issue remembering where straight was, but otherwise did it pretty well, three times. (Got 4/5).
So that is three of the manoeuvres down, just bay parking and emergency stop to go!
The lesson went pretty well otherwise, I finally managed to take off at the start without rolling back down the hill! I did ok at general driving around, roundabouts etc, and I only stalled once (here’s hoping for no stalling next time). The bad points were clipping the kerb (!) coming out near the test centre (I’m sure it was some psychological effect, like the time I took my first test and clipped the kerb for the first time on the way there), and forgetting I was on a dual carriageway and slowing down to turn left on a slip road (whoops!).
My instructor thinks I’m on track for my test in October though he didn’t think it worth trying to get an earlier test. I am a bit worried about taking it at 34 weeks pregnant though, as I’ll definitely be much bigger by then, and I’m already struggling a bit with getting the seatbelt comfy, and I don’t think they let you take loo breaks part way through! But on the other hand, it is only ten weeks away, which seems terribly soon.


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