Driving lessons · Pregnancy

Driving Lesson #9 – 23 weeks

So tired yesterday, after being woken up in the night by R, who is ill, then taking ages to drop off as I am so uncomfortable these days. Then DS decided half six was a good time to wake up. I find driving lessons tiring enough as it is!
It wasn’t a great lesson, we did traffic lights (which put the traffic light song I learnt at baby signing in my head! 🎶Everybody stop at the red light, everybody go at the green🎶), lots of looking at his book/app at traffic light situations and then going through lots of traffic lights. I got 4/5 on traffic lights, which was good.
We also did dual carriageways (on purpose this time!), which I didn’t mind at all, much easier, everyone going in the same direction at about the same speed – though it did seem fast, I am not entirely confident going at such speeds, which I don’t remember being an issue last time. Only 3/5 for dual carriageways, not too bad.


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