Driving lessons · Pregnancy

Driving lesson #8 – 22 weeks

Had my driving lesson, instructor reckons I need 20-25 more hours. So that’s about £600 + £112 for the test. Learning to drive is bloody expensive.
Today I mastered not stalling (he explained how the clutch actually works, and it really helped), and did a couple of manoeuvres – another go at turning in the road, got 4/5 this time! I had forgotten where the reference points were, but seemed to manage anyway. I also did reversing round a corner again, 3/5 so not as good at that.
We also went on the dual carriageway – by mistake! I got muddled with my exits at the roundabout. Coped ok with it, just came off at the next exit, but I did feel a bit embarrassed!
I’ve booked my test for 13th October, but hoping I can get better quickly and get an earlier cancellation (cos I’ll be 34 weeks by then!). Feeling a bit more positive about it all now as I feel like I’m improving.


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