Driving lessons · Pregnancy

Driving lesson #3 – 12 weeks

When I first tried learning to drive,18 years ago, I am pretty sure it was all driving about, with a bit of chat about theory until after I had passed the theory test. Now it is very different, there is lots of sitting at the side of the road and looking at a book or two as my instructor explains things to me (and asks lots of questions), and even an app on his tablet with lots of different road layouts and situations. Lots more acronyms to remember as well, it used to be just MSM, now there is also POM, and MSPSL.
The tests are different too. The theory test has the hazard perception bit, which it didn’t last time I took it. The practical test has only one manoeuvre, but out of four – it used to be two out of three (there was no bay parking) – an added bit of independent driving, and the show me tell me questions at the start. So there’s more stuff to learn.

Yesterday we did:
Cockpit drill 4/5
Clutch 4/5
Moving off 4/5
Steering 4/5
Stopping 4/5
Turning left and right 4/5
So getting better I think. Just need to get a 5/5!


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